Bea's Wax

a waxing suite

Bea's Wax is a full body hair removal suite located in Chino Hills, CA. Bea's only uses a high quality soft wax that is specially made for sensitive, delicate skin.  Most waxes can be done within a 15 min appointment time. It sounds quick, but rest assured, Bea's Wax will treat you with the best bed side manner and remove any hesitation you may have to getting a Brazilian wax. New gloves are worn every time, there will never be a stick that is double dipped, and the suite is consistently sanitized and upheld to the highest cleanliness standards.


After years of working in the waxing industry, I really wanted to focus on creating a warm, welcoming environment for my clients with a situation that is less than comfortable. Fact is, you're naked on a bed with your lady bits exposed. Your palms are sweaty with anticipation, and as your waxer walks into the room to begin the service you're wondering if you can ever look her in the eye after this. 

I'll put it to you this way: I love what I do! I love making ladies feel pretty and more confident, It really is the best part of my day.  I've seen every nook, every cranny, and experienced everything in between.  Whether you're waxing for your wedding day, a special trip somewhere, during your pregnancy, or regular maintenance-
your appointment is always about you!