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Bea's Wax

full body waxing for men and women

Bea's Wax specializes in full body hair removal for men and women. 

after working in the waxing industry for years, i heard almost daily from new clients how hard it is to find someone you actually like and trust with your....ahem, special area. (which is totally understandable!) I wanted to create a place for men and women to remove hair in a clean, welcoming, non-judgemental environment. 

I have hand picked and trained both licensed estheticians to use my own technique using soft wax. .We do not cut corners to save time. detail is key! Most waxes can be done within a 15 minute time period, but we do not consider ourselves speed waxers. instead, our goal is to make the client feel appreciated for choosing us! 

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Hi ! I'm the owner of Bea's Wax!

I honestly love what i do! no matter how big or small the area, i try my best to make it as quick and painless as possible! whether you're coming in before a, vacation, your wedding, or just regular maintenance, every appointment its all about you! 

if you're on the fence about getting waxed for the first time and nervous... rest assured- there is nothing i haven't seen, heard, or waxed. 


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Brandy's my name, waxing is my game.

I take pride in my work. i do my best to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment for every one at every appointment, i make sure to give you the cleanest, smoothest result possible while getting you in and out in a timely manner. i always welcome any questions or concerns in a judge-free zone. i truly enjoy what i do because of you, my clients. helping you leave happy and confident is always my goal!! hair free is care free! .


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Hi! my name is becca! i specialize in male waxing, Yes..., the male brazilian ! .

I've been an esthetician with over 7 years waxing experience. i strive to wax better than our competition- its about making you leave happy and hair free... painlessly, i love when i form bonds with all my clients! we talk, we laugh, we wax! i always take the time to make it the best experience possible! thank you for trusting me with such a delicate procedure!